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I can remember the first trip I made to Guatemala.  It made a significant change in the way that I look at life.  Would you and or your church group like to make a short term mission trip?  We’d love to have you, and I’m sure it will change your life. 


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Q&A About Missions Trips

Question:  What do I need to take?


Answer:  Besides your normal clothing, and personal items.  We suggest bringing some “OFF”, or other insect repellant,  Neosporin and Band Aids.  Towels and Wash Cloths for personal use.  Don’t forget your camera. 


Question:  Do I need a Passport to go to Guatemala?


Answer:  Yes, a Passport is required — allow up to 6 weeks for your passport to arrive.  Cost of a passport is nearly $100.00 along with the Passport photos which cost around $15.00  You can pay to have them shipped quicker, but this is an extra $60.00.


Question:  Do I need any shots to go to Guatemala?


Answer:  The one shot that we recommend is a Tetanus shot, in case of a cut or some other injury. 


Question:  Is it safe?


Answer:  Like America there is crime in Guatemala, and like America there are certain places we just don’t go after dark.  In my nearly 10 years traveling to Guatemala, I have never experienced any trouble at all.  We use wisdom in our travel, at to where and when.


Question:  Do you have age limits?


Answer:  We ask that if you bring children under 16 that they have a parent with them. 


Question:  How much does it cost?


Answer:  Plane tickets generally run around $600.00 — but with the fuel fluctuations the way they have been, this can and does change.  If you contact me— I can know fairly soon how much a ticket will be for you.  Additionally you would need to plan for $300.00 for the mission, to cover food and travel. 

Beyond that, you would need to bring money for any gifts that you would like to buy, also any additional travel for sight-seeing, would be separate from the $300.00.


Question:  Can we bring a Group?


Answer:  Yes!! We’d love for you to bring a group down.  We ask that groups pick a project to complete while in Guatemala (you can contact me for available projects)  Once you have chosen a project and know the cost, organize the fund raisers needed to complete the project.  Plan to bring  someone willing to cook, to help with preparations for meals.  Groups should be 10 or less people.


Question:  What about food and water?


Answer:  You can not drink the local water.  Purified water is readily available to purchase, so this is not a worry.  We are able to buy groceries in Guatemala City before traveling to the mission (2 hours away), so you will be well fed.